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2010 Predictions: U.S. Business

U.S. Business In 2010, as major companies continue to downsize and outsource their operations abroad, people will begin to move toward building different type of economy, by creating their own companies based on equal ownership that manufacture and provide services toward things that the world actually needs such as sustainable energy systems, local food production technology, ecologically friendly homes, and antipollution products. (January

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2010 Predictions: U.S. Economy – Unemployment

For more predictions, please visit U.S. Economy: Unemployment The greatly undervalued underemployment rate, counting part-time workers who want full-time jobs and laid-off workers who have given up their job hunt, will exceed 20% by 2010. (January 4, 2010) As local banks continue to fail, mounting unemployment, home foreclosures spiking, with scores of local business struggling to endure, people go into survival

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2010 Predictions: U.S. Economy – Stock Market, Retirement and Investing

For more predictions, please visit U.S. Economy: Stock Market, Retirement and Investing In 2010 we can expect a bull market in precious metals and emerging markets as capital and productivity continue to shift away from the United States economy to emerging markets with a much younger working populations. (January 4, 2010) America’s Retirement Crisis – 401Ks Become 101Ks: The collapse of

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