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2012: With another Recession On The Way It Is Time to Get Defensive

With the growing economic uncertainty due to the financial instability in Europe, the growing political instability in the Middle East, the swift decline of leading economic indicators, and the out-of-control sovereign debt crisis, is enough to motivate me to get even more defensive with my long-term investment portfolio. Keep in mind no matter how bad things got people will always need things like pharmaceuticals,

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‎2012 Presidential Election Electoral College Map Projection for January 15, 2012.

Revised (2 of 21) Electoral Map projection of the 2012 presidential election, based on mundane political contest horary: “Obama vs. GOP Nominee: Who will win X – battleground state?” With 270 electoral votes needed to win, the campaign will be fought in the battleground states of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin

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2012 Prediction: Gold forecast to surge past $2,000 in 2012.

Dennis Gartman of the prestigious Gartman Financial News Letter has reversed a major call on gold.  Three weeks ago, he said to sell because it was in a bear market.  Now, he says he made a mistake and claims it is still a bull market for the yellow metal. In spite what the finanical mainstream media says, none of the fundamental underpinnings of the

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Prediction 2012: ‎Black-Swan Event In Progress

$600 Trillion Derivative Time Bomb Explosion Imminent Physicist George Hart of the Merlin Project discussed on Coast-To-Coast-AM about the Timetrak technology, which reveals future trends and changes, as well as information about the election, the economy, war, and climate. He got to speak with Ron Paul directly during the recent NH Primary campaign, about the $600 trillion derivative debt time

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