Monthly Archives: October 2018

Global Bloodbath: World Stocks Implode Over $8 Trillion As U.S. Markets Collapse

Global capital markets are now down five weeks in a row, losing just under $9 trillion – the biggest, fastest drop since Lehman (around $8.2 trillion from global equity markets). Global Systemically Important Banks had their worst week since March, tumbling for the 5th week in a row to the lowest since November 2016…down 30% from their highs. The S&P

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Cryptocurrency Blackbox Forecast Still On Track – October 11, 2018

Below are comparisons of my Cryptocurrency Blackbox 2018 Forecast as presented in my Global Outlook 2018 Webinar on January 14th to the actual prices of each cryptocurrency as listed on and, as of October 11, 2018. The Blackbox is like a personal Dow Jones Industrial Average using your natal horoscope. The BlackBox Forecasting Module works with any of the

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