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‎2012 Prediction: The Empire Strikes Back!

2011 was the Year of the Protester, according to Time Magazine. The insurgency targeting the ruling political elites in Tunisia, and then in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain, has not been confined to the Middle East. Protests have taken place in Spain, Greece, Italy, France, Britain and Israel. And most importantly the United States with  the Occupy Wall Street

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2012 Prediction: Sears Will Be Forced to File for bankruptcy.

Sears waited until after Christmas to announce the close as many as 120 stores.  CBS News reported yesterday, “Credit Suisse analyst Gary Balter says the softer-than-expected holiday sales performance point to “deepening problems at this struggling chain and renewed worries about Sears survivability.”  Balter added that Sears’ weakening performance may lead its vendors to start to worry about their exposure.

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2012 Prediction: Something very big will happen to the American economy within the next 180 days

‎2012 Prediction: Something very big will happen in America within the next 180 days. It will be more devastating than the credit crisis of 2008. For most people, it will hit them like a brick wall. It will touch Americans harder and deeper than anything else we’ve seen since the Great Depression. I will post more details about this as

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