Monthly Archives: August 2016

Edgar Cayce Natal Horoscope Rectification

Rectification is an astrological method most commonly used to determine a person’s birth time, when only an approximate time of birth is available or uncertain. The premise underlying birth chart rectification is based on the supposition that the natal horoscope should symbolically reflect both the personality structure and essential character as well as important events that occurred in their personal

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Mundane Astrology Class – Starting September 10th

If you are interested in learning mundane astrology and being able to make basic forecasts of national and global significance, I invite you to enroll in this one-of-a-kind Mundane Astrology Class. The class was announced on my website on July 20 and just two weeks later the class was full and registration closed.  Because there was still fervent interest, I

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Annular Solar Eclipse – September 1, 2016

Annular Solar Eclipse – Sep 01, 2016 Washington, D.C.   The Annular Solar Eclipse on September 1st, 2016 at 9° 21′ Virgo will likely be a major watershed event for those nations and world leaders that get energized by it.  For this eclipse will be making a number of challenging aspects, making it very strong and compelling in its impact

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