Monthly Archives: January 2014

Massive Rush To Gold Underway

Since May of 2013 major banks and transnational financial institutions have been preparing for an impending crisis, while pretending and pontificating to the mainstream financial media that the economic situation is improving. As banks continue to drive down the price of gold, by employing  massive ‘naked shorts’ of gold futures contracts, they have been buying and taking delivery on as much gold reserves as they can. The

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JP Morgan Chase: A TBTF Banks In Serious Trouble 2014

JP Morgan doubles CEO Jamie Dimon’s salary despite billions in fines.  Dimon will receive a total pay package of $20 million in the same year his bank agreed to pay over a $13 billion settlement with the Justice Department. JPMorgan Chase payed $2.5 billion in penalties tied to Bernie Madoff’s $65 billion scam (Too Big Too Jail–Again). Add the $2.5 billion

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Global Emerging Markets in Full-Blown Panic Mode

Uranus-Pluto Square Alignment 2012 – 2015 – The Economic Collapse Has Already Begun: Global Emerging Markets Will Be In Full-Blown Panic Mode The scaling back of the U.S. Federal Reserve stimulus program, combined with a Chinese growth slowdown, along with growing concerns over China’s $4.8 trillion shadow banking debt that’s further compounded the sense of rising geopolitical tension, growing global social unrest

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