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Godzilla: A Mythological Motif of the Emerging Uranus-Pluto Complex Within the Collective Unconcscious

“The collective unconscious…appears to consist of mythological motifs or primordial images, for which reason the myths of all nations are its real exponents. In fact the whole of mythology could be taken as a sort of projection of the collective unconscious. We can see this most clearly if we look at the heavenly constellations, whose originally chaotic forms are organized

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Japan 2012 – 2015

Feb 11 1889 11.01.22 PM LMT (+00) Tokyo 139E46’00”; 35N00’00” The horoscope of modern Japan that traces its origins to February 11th, 1889, based on the promulgation of the Meiji Constitution* is based on 42 historically accurate events in Japanese history from the Nara Period to the current one. The rectification method employed transits, secondary progressed and solar arcs movements

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