2012 Mayan End Date: The Square Root of 1% for the Population of the United States

The Square Root of 1% for the Mayan End Date “Reality is accelerating towards an unimaginable omega point. The universe ends in a singularity. It has been growing more singular, more complex, more unique, more novel, every passing moment since its burst into existence. And if that is true than we represent the kind of concrescence of Universal intent. We are not mere spectators, or a cosmic accident, or some side show, or the Greek chorus for the main event.
The Human Experience IS the main event.”

– Terence McKenna


  • America is not ready. She is lost in her dreams, which inspire her to keep playing god of the world. Most of her inhabitants, in turn, are lost in their dreams, which make them yearn to live like so many petty gods and goddesses drunk on pride, vanity, greed, materialism, and hedonism. But I have been ready to help the people of the world evolve to the next step for many years. In fact, preparing for that calling has remained the primary focus of my existence for nearly two decades. To find out what I entertain in such regards, check out http://groups.yahoo.com/group/portal_of_the_future/ and join the efforts.


  • i cast no stones to America, she’s free to dream and become lost…as we all wanted to do so we could find ourselves…

    i am one of the 1776 we need 🙂

    join me in that field!


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