The July Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Will Light Up The Night Sky

On Friday night on July 27, a Total Lunar “Blood Moon” Eclipse will occur at 4 degrees and 43 minutes of Aquarius when the full moon passes through Earth’s darkest shadow. This total lunar eclipse will be the first seen over the United Kingdom and Europe since September 2015. This eclipse will be the longest Blood Moon of the century, lasting a full one hour and 43 minutes.

A lunar eclipse happens when the moon passes behind the Earth and into its shadow, leaving the Sun, Earth, and the Moon in alignment. During a total lunar eclipse, the Moon is still visible and can appear to be orange or red – giving it the nickname “Blood Moon”. That’s because the Earth’s atmosphere refracts sunlight that indirectly illuminates the moon’s surface causing the Moon to appear a dull red color.

During the Lunar Eclipse, the Moon and Mars will be conjunct in the same sign of Aquarius. The Moon-Mars conjunction will be the most predominant influence on the lunar eclipse auguring manic restless behavior, impulsive actions, sharp and violent outburst, emotional shocks and upsets, blood feuds, civil strife, domestic unrest, crop failures, accidents, arson, fires, dust storms, and an intense stirring of the fighting spirit.

The Moon-Mars archetype is associated with female leadership. Therefore, we may see the emergence of a female leader on the world stage in the coming month ahead who embodies such yang qualities as strength, fierce energy, and personal power.

Lunar eclipses last much longer than solar eclipses because the Earth casts a very large shadow relative to the smaller Moon and can be seen from anywhere on the night side of the Earth.  The Blood Moon’s path of totality will see the moon pass over large swaths of Central Asia and Eastern Africa and will make direct hits the national horoscopes of China, India, Japan, Spain, Uruguay, Sudan, and Palestine.


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