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Election 2012 – Ohio: Obama (49%) vs. Romney (49%) – Who Is Winning?

Ohio Poll: Romney, Obama Tied Among Likely Voters At 49% Each. A new Cincinnati Enquirer/Ohio News Organization Poll reiterated what other polls have shown, which is that the president and challenger continue to be in an extremely tight race. A Rasmussen poll conducted Oct. 23 showed the two men tied with 48 percent, a Suffolk poll conducted Oct. 18-21 found them

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2012 Presidential Election Electoral College Map Projection for October 26th, 2012

If the election were held today, Mitt Romney 301 would win  electoral votes while Barack Obama would win in states worth 237 electoral votes, according the forecasting results using political “contest” horary of the 11 key swing states over the past 5 days.  The 11 key swing states won by President Obama in 2008 and thought to be competitive in

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Final Presidential Debate Prediction: Obama vs. Romney

Now comes the third and final debate, Oct. 22, in the battleground state of Florida, just 15 days before Election Day. For the president and Romney, the stakes could not be higher, therefore the question is who will win the final presidential debate? Obama vs. Romney: Who will win the final presidential debate? Question asked by astrologer while watching a

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2012 Presidential Election Electoral College Map Projection for October 20th, 2012

Revised ( 18 of 21)  Electoral Map Projection of the 2012 presidential election, based on mundane political contest horary: “Obama vs. GOP Nominee: Who will win X – battleground state?” With 270 electoral votes needed to win, the campaign will be fought in the battleground states of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and

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