Japan: Abegeddon In Progress

Based on the mundane astrological portents (using Blackbox forecasting technology) to Japan’s national horoscope of forecast that the continuation of ‘Abenomics’ (the economic program of Prime Minister Abe), a program of money printing and debt-funded spending to lift Japan from two decades of deflation and stagnation, will not only fail, but will bring disaster for the island nation, resulting ultimately in a inflationary depression during the second half of 2015.

Note: The yen, now at 120 to the U.S. dollar, has already lost about a third of its value in the past two years under Prime Minister Abe. Also, the economy contracted in three of the last four quarters, with little growth in exports and weak consumption despite the stimulus, which includes the central bank buying assets worth more than 10 percent of the economy.

Bi-Wheel Japan Horoscope Inflaitonary Depression Transits Japan Money Blackbox

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