“TABOO! Race, Religion, Sex, and the 2016 United States Elections!” Webinar Panel Discussion, sponsored by Kepler College

Join me today, July 16, from 11am-2pm PT  for a special 3-hour webinar panel discussion, dissecting the global and socio-political landscape of America leading up to the elections in November:

“TABOO! Race, Religion, Sex, and the 2016 United States Elections”
Sponsored by Kepler College

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From Kepler College:

Election years are always hot, bringing out the increasingly divisive and violent splits in the fabric of American society that, by now, we know all too well. Who will win? What will become of our world, in the United States and abroad?

Join us for an unprecedented look at the upcoming political future of the United States.

A panel of five experienced astrologers, Kenneth Miller, Nina Gryphon, Samuel Reynolds, William Stickevers, and Ken Bowser, will dissect the global socio-political landscape of America leading up to the elections in November.

Using both cutting-edge and ancient astrological techniques, the panel will tackle ­- no holds barred! ­- topics that continue to shape America’s controversial social landscape. Race, religion, gender and sexuality ­- every facet of our culture is up for inspection and speculation.

Bring your pressing questions, as these astrologers reveal their predictions for late-July’s Conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia and the November election.



  • Hello, I paid for the Taboo session but was unable to get it. I tried to get help but was told the GoToWebinar didn’t have help at the moment. My receipt number is 3723-0658-5723-3830 item no. Wk0716EI Any ideas where I can get the taped session? Thank You Carolyn Jackson

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    • Hi Carolyn,
      I’ll contact Kepler College and see what I can find out. Thanks for your interest in the panel discussion.
      Best regards,

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Kepler College responded: “Everyone who signed up and paid will receive an email that will allow them to both view online and download the recording. The entire group received an email yesterday that it will be in one week (since we do edit the recordings).” Although, I’m told the editing process of the recording may be done much sooner.

      Did you receive the email referenced?

      Best regards,

    • Carolyn,
      Have you heard from Kepler College yet regarding the recording?

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