2020 Election Predictions posted

Posted: 2020 U.S. Presidential Election Predictions for the Electoral College and Final Outcome


Previous U.S. Election Predictions:

Since 2008, I have applied Political Contest Horary to predict the outcomes of 463 U.S. Midterm and General Election Races.

All 463 Political Contest Horary U.S. election predictions I have made in the past 11 years are listed below, with 395 of those predictions correct.

Total Predictions: 463 races

Total Correct: 395

Accuracy Rate: 85.3%


  • Will the prediction include the fact the Dems plan to cheat and create enough chaos to toss the decision into the house of reps?


  • What now that Trump has coronovirus?
    How will it change the way people vote on 3rd November 2020?
    The Democrats are doing all they can to discredit Trump?


  • www.supernaturalgirlz.com

    William, I hie your prediction of Trump winning is accurate. Just curious about the current cheating and stealing and how it will be resolved in Trump’s favor. What do the charts say on that?


  • Hi William, Hope your prediction reigns true and Trump wins this one. How do the charts see this cheating and stealing being resolved in Trump’s favor??? Please let us know.


  • William, I heard you on Coast to Coast the other night, and I think your final prediction for this 2020 race will be correct, although it may take several months. Investigations have started regarding foreign money pouring in from the Brits (Royal Family) and the Chinese and other nefarious sources, who have controlled the outcome of our elections and our government for many years.

    I have been looking at General Flynn’s twitter page, the X22 Report twitter page, the Qanon 76 twitter page, the Praying Medic twitter page, Cathy O’Brien’s twitter page at trance-formation.com. and Steve Pieczenik’s twitter page for updates that I cannot get from mainstream news. I am feeling optimistic.

    I must add, I have read your blogs on your website for years now, and I think you are right on target. You know, there was some kind of prophecy from George Washington who said the United States would be around for some 700 plus years. We have a LONG time to go.

    Thanks for Reading


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