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New Moon in Capricorn

The New Moon on January 13, 2021 is conjunct Pluto. Archetypally, Pluto rules the process of breakdown, collapse, and destruction followed by transformation and regeneration in the cosmos. Therefore, the New Moon is likely to manifest as an impulse to heal and transform some aspect of ourselves and the world around us in response to a crisis. The New Moon

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New Moon in Scorpio

The November 14 New Moon at 23°17′ Scorpio is well-aspected by sextile to Jupiter conjunct Pluto. The harmony-seeking sextile aspect brings out the best qualities of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction like authentic personal breakthroughs and profound revelations that lead to success.  The November New Moon sextiles the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction indicating this will be a period where one will have an opportunity to clear away

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New Moon in Libra

The October 16th New Moon at 23°55′ Libra forms a challenging T-square alignment with the planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. The October New Moon also aligns with the benefic fixed star Spica, testimonies that augur a period of intense experiences and the confrontation with challenging and provocative aspects of life that are strange, profound, weird, mysterious, or taboo.  The New

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