About My Predictions

My goal with these posts is to predict within the framework of astrological forecasting what is coming down the road.  Many of my predictions are concerned with the economy since it is the most defining measurement of the quality of our lives; each of us participates in the economy whether we are conscious of it or not.

These predictions depict events and scenarios that seem impossible today but will become commonplace during the great transition over the coming decade.  What we can say today is that the improbable is likely to happen and anything that is improbable but still possible will become mandatory during this transition.  For example, it is possible that we could all be driving electric cars by now but the oil companies have prevented this from happening, and the Federal Reserve has prevented most people from building intrinsic, true wealth, keeping wealth for the mighty and the few.

The very basis of our civilization must fundamentally change in ways that have been considered improbable based on the current power structure.  These things that should be happening must happen in order for our technological civilization to grow, mature and thrive.  These changes will dramatically alter our beliefs and values as a civilization, how we perceive reality and how we respond to that new perception.   They are the basis of the paradigm shift from 2008 to 2020.  It is my aim to predict when and what will be happening during this paradigm shift. 

The zeitgeist will unveil itself in the spring of 2010.  Nothing like this has happened in the history of recorded human civilization in the last 6,000 years.

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