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Our Nation’s Forecast – Election, COVID, Supply Disruptions, Disclosure? – INTERVIEW ON Supernatural Girlz Radio

Supernatural Girlz Radio - Our Nation's Forecast - Election, COVID, Supply Disruptions, Disclosure - with William Stickevers

Supernatural Girlz Radio: Our Nation’s Forecast ~Election, COVID, Supply Disruptions, Disclosure?with William Stickevers Hosts: Patricia Baker and Patricia “PK” KirkmanAirdate: November 18, 2020Supernatural Girlz Radio | Listen to the podcast Transcript of the Show: Transcript edited for print Patricia Baker: Welcome, everyone, to another exciting episode of Supernatural Girlz Radio. I’m your host, Patricia Baker, and I’m here with my

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Solar Eclipse (Dec 26 2019) and the Trump Impeachment Hearings

The strategic advantage will shift to Trump as the Senate Impeachment Trial begins leading up to the Annular Solar Eclipse on December 26, 2019. An excerpt from the recent webinar (November 15, 2019) in my Global Transformation Astrology membership. Transcript edited for print. As we get into December we have the solar eclipse coming up on December 26, 2019. The

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New Prediction Track Record Page – Political Contest Horary and U.S. Elections 2008 to Present

Astrology and Politics - U.S. Election Predictions Track Record for William Stickevers, 2008-present, Political Contest Horary Astroprobability

Since 2008, I have applied Political Contest Horary to predict the outcomes of 426 U.S. Midterm and General Election Races. Some other horary practitioners and teachers say this is an egregious application of horary technique. Some skeptics in the astrological community have claimed that my accuracy rate is not genuine. Here is a page tracking all 426 Political Contest Horary

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